Computer smash

Life is fast. Sometimes you gotta stop and take a look around. We all know this, fewer abide by it, many times a day I curse myself for missing a milestone of one of our kids because I was working.

Children are lucky enough to live in a world devoid of responsibility and act appropriately so. My son smashes through his world with reckless and dangerous abandon every moment.

It’s great to watch this fury of spontaneous combustion roaming through the house punishing inanimate objects, not thinking about his purpose. Or so you would think, these small humans actions are far more calculated then we give them credit for.

Case in point: just this evening as my son ran around with hulk gloves on, smashing tables and whatever else he perceived to be in his way, he calculated that I WAS NOT ‘taking time to smell his putrid brand of roses’ I was working on my laptop. So… When I got up to get a beverage he made his move. Smashed my apple and forced me to pay attention to him.

Lucky for me the hulk gloves are very forgiving and no damage was done. Point taken little man; time to play.


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