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Costa Rican travelling

Keeping a blog up to date in the jungle was challenging, between connectivity dropouts and an extremely busy schedule there was little time on computers left after transferring dozens of Gb of photo files each day.  What a great place, amazing people, unbelievable activities & exquisit vistas.

In an effort to maximize coverage & minimize confusion I’ll be transcribing my notes over the next few days to publish articles about the exciting adventure to Costa Rica @ Villas Santerras I’ve just returned from.  So this post’s purpose is to begin at the end while rebooting the beginning, a secondary benefit is this allows me to relive the experience.  So, in an attempt to leave this first instalment on a parant-ish flavour: what an amazing feeling it is to be home and in the presence of my wife and children!

Happy to be home? I’d really like to be back at Santerras with all the access to the gems and experiences southern pacific Costa Rica has to offer. That being said, I am happy to be with my family and hopefully next time I return to the paradise that I have just left I might be fortunate enough to experience it with my kids and wifey.

More to come starting on day 1: Into the mountains we drive to the oasis of Ojachal.

Pura Vida.

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