Dubb stepping to the oldies

An unbelievable mix of human genre, an amazing concert! Everyone from teenage punks to 38 yr old skater types right on through to a gimp of undetermined age, partying symbiotically.


It seemed a fitting venue for the event, undoubtedly 200 years ago when John Graves Simcoe was fighting for sovereignty amidst canon fire it didn’t occur to him that far far in the future people would be celebrating in peace at this loacation.  Albeit to a soundtrack of soothing sounds akin to robotic sex noises and future laser tuning technology. Truly music from a galaxy far far away. I may have even heard some canon fire in the symphonics.

Skrillex atop a mackette spaceship hurling music at us is capable of generating euphoric synaptic firings sans drugs and alchohol. Included in the show was a supremely well executed light show including mucho laser beams, projections and the illuminated spaceship.

While in the mosh pit it became clear that I’m too old for this, scanning my pit mates it was painfully clear (literal pain) that I was too old & likely the only participant with 2 babies at home. This realization didn’t make me feel decrepit, it did however give me pause to think about my children & subsequently get the eff out of there. My exit was rapid, narrowly staving off a broken ankle along the way and likely a heart attack.  Hands down, this was the BEST time I have had at any live show in eons.

I’m a huge proponent of constant music consumption by all, and especially children, my son has spent his first 2 years listening to all genre’s of music, dubstep, jazz, and Hip Hop are some of his favorites.  Of course a Skrillex concert is no place for a 2 yr old but I kinda wish it was. My son LOVES listening to Skrillex, and I see no reason why not to let him rock that shit. It’s got all the qualities babies and adult humans alike look for to sooth our savage inner beasts ; rhythmic, vibratory, and penetrating. If ya don’t like it you’ll disagree but maybe, just maybe you should watch a baby listen and you’ll get an insight about how the deep base and rythmic rollorcoaster that is skrillex music achieves such a profound impact on our emotional state. It’s commonly accepted that music is GOOD for babies development, so why wouldn’t this frenetic, widely scoped soundscape of stimulation not be one of the best? Babies are frenetic in nature, they have no attantion span, no preconception of what is and isn’t good and I have seen with my own eyes, they like Skrillex.

I sit here writing this listening with my 1 mnth old daughter, she was cranky as all hell a few minutes ago, then I put on the track below and BLAMMO, she’s snuggling up in my arms with a smile on her face.