Atomic Fatherhood

Stardate 2012. The nuclear future is upon me. I just found out my wife is pregnant again and with a daughter this time! This rounds out nicely the wonderful son I have.. and, In my mind anyway grants me nuclear powers!

After some investigation it appears that the term “nuclear family” actually refers to 2 parents and any number of children, not the common conception of mother, father, son & daughter. No matter these semantic definitions; I am taking the view that my family is about to go nuclear.

Often the term ‘nuclear’ conjures up visions of power generation and war, and indeed these are accurate depictions of modern nuclear applications. To me, it means that my family now has amassed the power of an angry electron being split into two. No longer will we have the luxury of employing gangland strategies of dealing with a rampant child: Attacking from all sides with the force of an angry – albiet loving – mob.  We will now be forced to split our resources in order to deal with the energy of two rampant particles we have released upon the world.

So as I digress, I prepare to delve into the world of person to person defensive strategy from what has been decidedly a zoned/group effort until now.  I welcome this challenge and embrace atomic parenting.